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What type of surface can the Trackless Train travel on ?

As long as the surface is flat, we can travel on pretty much any solid surface such as concrete, cement or asphalt.  No off-roading.

I am having my party in my block, can the Trackless Train go on the street ?

Yes, you need to be sure is a very low traffic street. A cul de sac is recommended. Be sure to place signs appropriately.

My street has a slope. Can the trackless train ride on the street?

It will depend on how steep the slope is. We encourage you to take a picture of the area in questions and send it to our e-mail address so that we can better assist you. Our experts will determine if it is safe for our train to navigate any slopes.

Can adults ride comfortably as well as kids?

Yes, our trackless trains holds up to 12 adults at a time or 16 children.

What happens if I have a 2 day event, can the train stay ove

Yes, we can have the operator go to the event for the hours that will be operated on each day and the train can stay overnight if the area is safe.

Can I make a same day reservation?

Most of the time no! You can give our office a call and we can try to find a driver but it is not a guarantee!

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